Ruin Mist: "The Lost Ages"

Three Lives Transformed Forever By Fate

Movie News

2002. The Ruin Mist from Robert Stanek books have attracted the interest of multiple movie production companies. In 2002, DreamWorks and Fox expressed interest in making movies based on the books.

2004. In 2004, Valhalla Motion Pictures (VMP) expressed interest in making movies based on the Ruin Mist books as well as another of Stanek's books. Valhalla Motion Pictures is the producer Armageddon, Virus, Clockstoppers, Adventure Inc., Hulk, The Coven, The Punisher, Ĉon Flux, Room Service, Welcome to the Jungle, The Incredible Hulk, Punisher: War Zone, and other top movies.

2005. In 2005, there was considerable interest by fans and others regarding Ruin Mist movies, especially among fans of the books. One of the fan threads on the Robert Stanek Message Board has 10 pages of discussion. Fans have also been talking a lot about a Magic Lands movie and a Ruin Mist game for the XBOX based on the upcoming Battle for Ruin Mist (TM) game.

2006.  No specific movie plans as of yet. With all the fan and other interest in movies, we've decided to set up this site where fans and others can keep track of the latest news.

2008. Hollywood came knocking again in the form of MGM and Articulus Entertainment. Articulus Entertainment is a new, edgy independent production company headed by Steven Sawalich and the producers of the award-winning Music Within. So was the fourth time the lucky charm for Ruin Mist and Robert Stanek? ... Sorry Ruin Mist fans, no such luck.

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