Ruin Mist: Middle-Earth is the home of elves and men.

From the creative mind of Robert Stanek - The Realm of Middle Earth

The middle realms of Ruin Mist have many inhabitants. The Beastmen of the Hunter Clan first appeared during the Great Wars. Little is known about them except that they are for-hire hunters and trackers. They are half human and half animalóthe type of animal is unknown but suspected to be that of a black tiger or black wolf.

Saliva dripping from the upturned canine fangs of beastmen indicates they are on a hunt and may have sighted their prey. They frequently lick their hair-covered faces with their long, sticky tongues and ride magical horses that have the power to bend time and distance. No other race has been able to tame the Beast Horse, but many have tried.

The forest elves live in the Reaches. Although their skin is silvery or bronze, and they tend to have fair-colored hair and lavender eyes, forest elves can blend into their surroundings and change the color of their hair, skin and eyes at will.

Men are the primary inhabitants of the kingdoms. Their peoples are organized primarily in kingdoms. They tend to keep to their own affairs and donít like to get involved in the affairs of other races. During the Blood Wars, mankind drove all the other races out of the kingdoms and severed all ties.

Six clans of giants are known to exist: hill, stone, mountain, ice, fire and storm. Giants are a secretive lot and do not often mix affairs with any other races. Giants are incredibly strong and untiring of will.

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