From the creative mind of Robert Stanek - The World of Ruin Mist

The name "Ruin Mist" is the common language translation of an elvish word, which means "the lost ages". The stories of Ruin Mist are set in a fictional past of our world.

Ruin Mist has three distinct realms of existence: Over-Earth, Under-Earth, and Middle-Earth.

  • Over-Earth is the home of dragons, titans, and eagle lords. Those are the great races of the past.

  • Under-Earth is an otherworldly realm that has blood-red skies, and no sun or moon.

  • Middle-Earth is the home of elves of the reaches and the men of the kingdoms.

The history of Ruin Mist is divided into four ages:

The First Age - The Age of Titans

The Second Age - The Age of Men, Elves, and Dwarves

The Third Age - The Age of Men and Elves

The Fourth Age - The Age of Men

In an age long since lost to myth and memory, a race of supreme giants known as titans ruled over all the lands of Ruin Mist from their homes on Over-Earth. Without question, titans were the masters of the gates. They moved freely between realms and across lands.

Darkness came to mark the end of the age of the titans as surely as there was ever light at the beginning. During this time of darkness, known as the Great Purge, it was the greatest of all titans, Ky'el, who gave men, elves, and dwarves their freedom. By the end of the purge, the only known gate to Over-Earth was sealed for all time, ushering in a new beginning. A new age. An age of men, elves, and dwarves.

After countless wars waged against themselves, each other, and the other races, men, elves, and dwarves settled in to an uneasy peace within their divided lands. In time, like the titans before them, dwarves became folk of myth and legend, leaving only absence like a darkness where once there had been a great presence and a light.

The age of men and elves had arrived, its arrival marked by the coming of the great war. Some would call this war Dnyarrís war after the elven king who started it. Others would call it the War of the Thousand Year Siege. Those who fought and died would call it the War of Ten Million Tears. Victory for men above all others brought little joy even though it ushered in a new age. The age of men.

There are some who fear this age to be Ruin Mistís last. For if men succumb to darkness, there will be no beginning, and darkness will surely rule forever. It is in this time at the twilight of the age of men that those long lost have returned to thwart the darkness. They are the fallen sons of ages past and present. They are the keepers, the watchers, and the guardians. They are those who hold the key to Ruin Mistís future.


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Beyond the known peoples of Ruin Mist, who can say what types of creatures and peoples exist. Surely though, these will be revealed.

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